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Sana Safinaz is not one but the most recognizable fashion brands in Pakistan. Having been established in 1989 by Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer, it’s is one of the most famous and forward thinking brands of pret, fashion, apparel and lifestyle offering a fashionable twist in all the products it retails since 1989. The Core proposition by Sana Safinaz pret has always been a unique fusion of refreshingly fresh and modern eastern designs combined with our traditionally authentic and loved form, shape and cuts of clothing. Without changing much about how the dress is tailored except for a variety of innovative shapes and cuts here and there, Sana safinaz has single handedly reformed the designs to progressive, trendy and chic cut ones and totally transformed it’s to being completely revamped and modern without touching how the dresses actually are. Its brilliant feat considering how little Pakistani are accepting of change and how brilliantly this change has been introduced that it has immediately gelled well with the masses.

Sana Safinaz has some of the most remarkable presences and it expresses itself through its various collections.

Unstitched fabrics at sana safinaz are one of the most impressively designed collections for Pakistani’s comprising of remarkably trendy and chic designs in gorgeously traditional and eastern designs. There are Muzlin collections 2023 volume 1, Nura Festive collections 2023 volume 3 for graceful festive occasions, luxury winter shawl velvet 2021, Muzlin 21, woven winter collections 2023, Kurnool collection 2023 and lots more for practically every occasion, festivity or simple indoor casual wear you can think of. It’s pretty as well as elegant and can be made a touch more brilliant with your own tailoring and style of dress. The best way to design and print your own attire is no doubt with sana safinaz Unstitched collections 2023.

The ready to wear collection is Sana safinaz rendition of what a perfect dress should .Whether you buy 1 piece, 2 piece or 3 piece suits, the sana safinaz collections are a class apart when it comes to the splendidly gorgeous vision of what sana safinaz since it’s a perfect dress just the way the maker envision it. Ready to wear are available in extensive varieties like mahay, basics, embroidered essentials, signature, exclusive, silk tunics, black and gold and capsule. All these varieties are impeccably modern and trendy with exclusively modish and splendid exciting designs.

Sana safinaz has also applied its excellent fashion sense to add a distinguished sense of modern fashion to fragrances, kids clothes, accessories like bags, wallets, jewelry, sunglasses and even gorgeous yet utilitarian footwear to get a classy fashion statement head to toe.


SANA SAFINAZ winter collection:
August 5, 2022

SANA SAFINAZ winter collection:

SANA SAFINAZ winter collections have been launched just as winters approach Pakistan. As is always the case with SANA SAFINAZ, the collections have become an instant hit as soon as the latest volumes of sana safinaz winter collections 2022, sana safinaz khaddar collections 2022, sana safinaz chiffon collections 2022 in Pakistan have been launched. Keeping the tradition alive of its unparalleled modish designs and trendy cuts which pave and set the industry trends due to their unique nature and forward thinking approach, sana safinaz always stuns with its new latest designs and western influenced minimalist cues which other brands simply fail to get a deep understanding and grasp on. Somehow, Sana Safinaz is able to gracefully combine the polar opposites of Pakistani culture and tradition with the latest global trends and high fashion to craft a dress so purely beautiful and sophisticatedly elegant that even the most authentic mindsets are mesmerized by the sheer beauty and fashion of a sana safinaz winter collections 2022 dress. Sana Safinaz specialties extend to the latest sana safinaz chiffon winter 2022 collections, sana safinaz khaddar collections 2022 and sana safinaz embroidered collections 2022 for a winter that’s as cozy as its stylish.

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Sana safinaz muzlin summer volume 2 & Ready To Wear Collection 2022
June 3, 2022

Sana safinaz muzlin summer volume 2 & Ready To Wear Collection 2022

Sana safinaz muzlin summer vol 2: Known for its reliable quality in the industry sana safinaz values its customers a lot which can be seen by ther new sana safinaz collection launched throughout the year. This year their first collection to rule in the market is the sana safinaz muzlin summer vol 2. This collection has all the suitable characterstics that a collection needs to have for combating with the hot summers. Starting from the light and wasy to handle lawn fabric which is of supreme quality that enables you to spend your summers with ease and coolness. (bridal collection 2022) Moreover not only this but the epic color schemes chosen by the designers at sana safinaz makes this collection even more attractive and pleasing. Sana safinaz muzlin summer vol2 has all the modern and trend setting designs which are loved by the people all across Pakistan. Sana Safinaz Ready to wear collection 2022: Ready to wear collections is the specialize segment of sana safinaz in which it has no competition. This is because of their flawless and remarkable quality that is admired by people not only in Pakistan but all across Pakistan. This can be witnessed in the new sana safinaz sale ready to wear collection 2022. This collection is the epitome of creation with simplicity engraved onto the fabric with modernistic touches and patterns that make them irresistible for the new young generation as well. The pure and finest fabric also makes this collection a full of comfort collection full of eye catching designs that are comprehended with a vast color range which you can choose from.

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