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Mausummery is one of the most influential and trendy apparel brands of Pakistan. Focused all towards a sharp, minimalist and very modern aesthetic overall with trendy and chic minimalist looks and very modishly trim and smart style statements, many call mausummery the perfect fusion of eastern grace and western influences.

Mausemmery has always stayed centered and very passionate about all things pret and clothes ever since its inception and this unwavering passion for the craft has led to mausemmery becoming what it is in a relatively short span of time. The best part is how well Mausummery has learnt, observed and slowly adapted its dresses from a highly modern affair to something that Pakistani’s can understand and carry easily with grace, all the while satisfying the need for a distinctly minimalist style statement reminiscent of international standards.

Mausmmery has a variety of styles and collections to give you a pleasurable and elegant experience across the board.

Mausemmery unstitched collections are an extensive affair with a unique and especially tailored collection of sharp and excellent dresses for every occasion and season. It starts off with Mausummery Nowruz spring which is embedded with gorgeously light and fun loving minimalistic dresses captivated by the colors and fluttery lightness of the fresh Pakistan spring. There are also Winter collections for a hefty experience in embroidered as well as unembroidered collections and also in flexible combinations of 1 piece, 2 piece and 3 piece as well. Mausemmery even goes a step further in catering to the young and outgoing with its Pre-spring valentines collections for a romantic look that doesn’t need your owrds to express anything at all.

Ready to wear collections are the jewels and gems of Mausummery as its here, in collections like the impeccably minimalist, modern and trendily elegant yet fluttery light Spring 2023 ready to wear collection that Mausemmery is really able to show how it can utilize its vision of a distinctly other worldly dress with exclusive and really trendy cuts no one has imagined before. The festive collections and ready to wear Eid pret is a much anticipated collection having all the colors of rich culture and tradition, further modified by embellishments and embroideries atop gorgeous 1 piece or 2 and 3 piece suits. There are gorgeously elegant shawls and pret that caters specifically to people of all sizes be it extra small and petite to plus sized who find it difficult to buy a dress in their size ready made. Mausummery really outshines and proves its taste as a meticulously detailed, intricate and very passionate one where it can display its deep understanding of cuts, colors and prints to combine them into a complete elegant dress others can simply not achieve.


June 10, 2022


Mausummery unstitched collection 2022: Mausummery has always been a trendy brand that redefines the style statements and fashion values. With heavy research on the demands by Pakistani women mausummery has just launched the new mausummery unstitched collection 2022. This collection is a versatile collection with unique and distinctive designs that are entirely new and enriched with modern and trendy cuts and patterns. The mausummery unstitched collection 2022 is available in lawn as well as chiffon fabric each with different designs. The fabric chosen by mausummery is as soft as cotton which makes it easier and effortless for you to wear these clothes. This collection perfectly satisfies the demand of people of minimalist style statement that enhances he overall aesthetics of the dressing experience. Mausummery ready to wear collection 2022: Mausummery has always been a significant player when it comes to the ready to wear collections. With its new approach of amazing and refreshing designs that are elegant and visionary mausummery has launched the new mausummery ready to wear collection 2022. This collection covers all the aspects of ready to wear collections that one needs to decorate and enrich the wardrobe. (bridal dresses online shopping) Mausummery ready to wear collection is available in your favorite fabrics like chiffon and lawn that are easy and wonderful to wear. The chiffon and lawn fabric used in this collection by mausummery is the finest of all fabrics that shows the premium quality standards of mausummery. Mausummery ready to wear collection is available in 1 piece, 2 piece and three piece articles.

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