If somebody in Pakistan claims to be a true fashionista, knowing, loving and having browsed through the endless catalogues right from the time when there used to be a few well established designers in Pakistan, they cannot help but accept and endorse the supremacy of the Bareeze brand. Ever since its inception, Bareeze has focused on reliable fashion, a category that may have gotten increasingly rare now adays but to date retains its decades old legacy.

Unlike new day designers pumping out designs by the minute, Bareeze has an intricate collection of designs, all carefully crafted, imagined, envisioned and then printed. Bareeze dresses have a lasting quality about them that is absent from the like of modern designers. A bareeze dress, as you’ll experience will not only have such a meticulously envisioned design that will stand the test of time in an industry as cutthroat as fashion, but also be reliable enough physically to last you 2-4 seasons.

In 2023, Bareeze has worked with precise stitches, needles and fabrics to give you a variety of choices from their collections which include.


Bareeze’s casual summer and winter collections 2021 comprise of robust, versatile and comfortable dresses which are a perfectly graceful fit for a mixed day of work, leisure and outing and socializing all in style without sacrificing an ounce of comfort. Bareeze uses Karandi, Lawn, Chiffon, Cotton, Irish and cambric fabrics in its printed or embroidered casual collections.


Bareeze’s formal collection is a stunning collections of elegant and extravagantly designed Chiffon, Net, Velvet and cotton master pieces in both simple formal and enticingly gorgeous Bridal collections 2023. Its designs are endless and you can be assured that your investment in a bareeze will continue to serve you for more than one season of refined and elegantly modern formal wear pret.


Bareeze has always been applauded for a perfect dress that can last both physically and fashionably for a long time and Bareeze incorporates this legacy in its carefully crafted collections of the printed and embroidered varieties that include Bareeze lawn, chiffon, Cotton and other comfy fabrics for a perfect bareeze dress.


Bareeze has proven tine and again if its farsightedness and innovation with a new class of product that strikes right at the Pakistani hearts in the form of Summer shawls. With a distinctly traditional yet minimalistic aesthetic, its something that you’ll grow to admire once you start using. Apart from that bareeze also has stunning 2023 Winter shawls that you’ll absolutely fall in love with.


Collections for men have never been more pristine, robust and yet premium than the Bareeze Men collection 2023. With premium Fine count cottons like Egyptian, 365 and Pima, you’ll find yourselves at a crossroads between these uber comfortable fabrics. There’s also the traditional and authentic khaddar bareeze men 2023 which is pure hand made and available embroidered or sprayed as per your tastes.

Bareeze Winter Collection 2023:

With the advent of winter season right around the corner, top brands in Pakistan have begun to launch their works of art all around the nation and bareeze certainly seems to be leading the pack with its new stylish and high fashion Bareeze winter collection 2023, bareeze khaddar collection 2023 & bareeze linen collection 2023 in Pakistan online.

Bareeze has always set itself apart with a wholly different and redefined value proposition compared to its competition. In the bareeze winter collection 2023 and bareeze linen collection 2023 bareeze has designs that are contemporary and true to the term timeless. Although bareeze has a strong forte in design, bareeze’s core competence to date remains the fact that it makes dresses which can last you several seasons without breaking a thread, especially when put together with the timeless nature of its classically fashionable designs. The world of pret and coture is an art and bareeze is no less than an artisan which has successfully mastered the art of perfecting the weave.

Bareeze khaddar collections are also something that you will cherish and keep in your mind even after the tiniest glance. Bareeze khaddar dresses 2023 are so drop dead gorgeous and simple yet exude other worldly stunning grace and elegance in the traditionally eastern manner perfectly.


Bareeze Summer & Bridal Collection 2022 Chiffon Cotton Lawn
May 30, 2022

Bareeze Summer & Bridal Collection 2022 Chiffon Cotton Lawn

Bareeze summer collection 2022: All across the year bareeze launches new and innovative designs which never fail to amaze us. This year’s supreme collection by bareeze has been introduced and it is the bareeze summer collection 2022. This collection is determined to set new standards of quality with beauty which has resulted in the consistent success of bareeze. The modern designs accompanied with supreme choice of color scheme has made this collection as unique as possible. Each and every design in this collection shows the perfection and elegance of the designers at bareeze. Bareeze summer collection is a marvel of excellence which bareeze has achieved by using the needle and fabrics in the most fruitful manner possible. Bareeze printed and embroidered lawn, chiffon and cotton: Bareeze never fails to keep their audience satisfied and this year to guarantee them utmost satisfaction another set of collections that has been introduced are bareeze sale printed, embroidered lawn, bridal collection, chiffon and cotton collections. Each and every collection has its own unique and distinctive theme that it fulfills with the support of creamy and solid charming colors which shows the legacy of bareeze collection in incorporating modernism with their designs. These collections are also available in embroidered varieties that enable you to try out these dresses at semi-formal events as well and make them different from before. The USA is known to protect their citizens and casinodulacleamy.com that is why gaming companies have to operate under the law if they want to pay out money to players in the states. To make them suitable for formal days it also includes the digitally printed varieties as well which are unique in their own terms.

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Bareeze Spring/Summer Dresses Collection 2022
April 1, 2022

Bareeze Spring/Summer Dresses Collection 2022

Bareeze Spring/Summer Dresses Collection 2022: Bareeze is a big brand in the Pakistani fashion market which is famous for the premium quality fabric it provides to its customers in the most affordable prices one could ever imagine. Every collection of bareeze has its own class and is completely new and improved which makes them a well-respected player in the market. Bareeze always focuses on making every season a memorable one and a delightful one by empowering them with innovative designs which are created in compliance with every season’s requirement. This year bareeze summer dresses collection 2022 has been launched to make your summers easy and amazing for you. The bareeze summer dresses collection focuses on providing ease to you along with marvelous designs created with maximum dedication and love. The collection is available in most of the demanding fabrics like lawn and chiffon which enable you to make every semi-formal and formal event special for you this summer. The bareeze summer dresses collection 2022 comprises of refreshing new designs which are ready to blow your mind with the beautiful digital prints and embroideries on it. The creamy and bold striking color scheme makes the bareeze summer dresses collection 2022 even more appealing and irresistible for you to acquire. This collection provides an amazing chance for the Pakistani women to revamp their wardrobe and fill it with colors to decorate their summers by creating a new lively environment. Shoprex has all the varieties of bareeze summer dresses collection 2022 stocked up to facilitate you anywhere in Pakistan with our quick and secure delivery service. Moreover shoprex has 7 day return policy which is there to cover any flaws in the service which you will surely not have to face.

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