Agha Noor is the fruit born when young and innovative imagination meets a grand vision and the willingness to hustle and succeed. Originally the brain child of Agha Noor and Agha Hira, two young and budding entrepreneurs, Agha Noor began from its humble beginnings back in 2002 with only a few number of employees but a plan and a vision of what to do ahead. Come today, Agha noor can be regarded as one of the most recognizable brands not only across the Pakistani soil but also overseas internationally.

Agha noor took a start by focusing on practical, trendy and fashionably chic apparel particularly targeted towards working women. Agha noor later took on the entire suite of lawn, chiffon and other fabrics to add a mass market appeal for every-one. Agha Noor has taken special care to ensure that it retains its affordability as well as an excellent quality for a consistent experience that wears just as well as it looks. With a particularly mass market appeal as part of the package now, Agha noor is a complete apparel designer with premium offerings across its range.

Agha noor ready to wear collections 2023 are carefully crafted with the most premium and trending fabrics that can last you a whole day of your busy schedule or look stunning and drop dead gorgeous on a wedding, get together or a party. Be it casual wear or Agha noor’s specialty, the office wear, you can be guaranteed a quality that lasts with price tags that are easy to digest. You can select from Lawn, chiffon, Linen, Khaddar and other varieties of fabrics for a dress that you are comfortable and content with. You can even go as far as choosing whether you want a light and modishly trendy printed suit or a traditionally embroidered suit with luxuriously plaid embellishments.

Agha NoorFormal Bridal Wear
Agha Noor Formal bridal wear is what Agha noor took upon it to personally revamp and revolutionize with its modernistic vision and a grand approach based on the totality of things. In the overall look and feel of the collection, Agha Noor combines the best of Bridal wear elements like a royal design theme that looks elegant and keeps excess where required and otherwise retains a gorgeously minimalistic look as well. There are all sorts of embellishments as well as an embroidery palette that will completely blow minds with its beauty and finishing sense.

There has been various recent developments by Agha noor on unstitched lawn, chiffon, Khaddar in 1 piece, 2 piece or 3 piece articles. Agha noor has also taken on the practice of launching a new design every week at a reasonably set price which provides its loyal customers with a lot of choice and avenue to fulfill their passion for fashion on. Agha Noor’s designs, prints and color scheme all feel particularly well matched to the vibe of the seasons and are completed only by what you perceive your final dress to be in the Unstitched Agha noor 2023 collection in Pakistan.


Winter Collection 2022 by AghaNoor
July 21, 2022

Winter Collection 2022 by AghaNoor

Pakistan is home to a variety of traditional and modishly trendy couture for all seasons including the wildly anticipated winter season which entails the rich and lavishly Agha Noor decadent winter collections 2022. Agha Noor winter collection 2022 and Agha Noor Linen collection 2022 is one of the most artisanal and fashion centric winter collection for women online in Pakistan 2022. Not only is it true to its traditional roots in terms of aesthetics but it also experiments and tries with new minimalist styling, modern and trendy cuts and a flow that’s truly enthrallingly new and unexplored in the winter fabrics like chiffon, embroidered chiffon, embroidered lawn and linen. Agha noor is also perhaps the only one of its kind designers that designs and launches exclusive new designs in its agha noor linen and winter collections 2022 every week. Doing justice to the traditionally Pakistani roots, Agha noor has also designed the traditionally rich and supple Agha noor khaddar collection 2022 which has something of a supreme grace and super luxurious elegance all the while retaining the culturally authentic look that eastern wear is distinctively known for.

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Agha Noor Stitched, Unstitched & Bridal Collection 2022
May 26, 2022

Agha Noor Stitched, Unstitched & Bridal Collection 2022

Agha Noor ready to wear collection 2022: Like every year before this year also aha noor has launched the new and even more versatile agha noor ready to wear collection 2022. This year once again they have defined new standards for a high quality premium product which have managed to take the Pakistanis with a boom by their uniqueness and distinctive feel. The crisp and solid color schemes are the outline of this collections that make them stand out from other brands. Agha Noor formal/bridal collection 2022 Agha noor has always been known for their excellence in designing marvelous bridal and formal clothes. This year agha noor bridal and formal dresses collection 2022 is here once again to make your festive and joyful season even dearer to you. The heavily designed bridal clothes are available in extensive range of beautiful designs which are perfect for you to wear in these days. The pure and perfect fabric used by agha noor like chiffon makes thee clothes comfortable for you to wear. Agha Noor Unstitched collection 2022: To give their audience the opportunity to make their clothes suited to their personalities. Agha noor has launched the agha noor unstitched collection 2022. This collection is available in attractive and eye catching designs with calming and strong colors which add to the beauty of this collection. This collection is available in 1 piece, 2 piece and 3 piece articles in which each piece shows the expertise of designers at agha noor in their field as every design depicts a new aspect of beauty.

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